Thursday, August 28, 2014

Oh Abbie...

Two-teethed Abbie
 Snaggle-tooth Abbie
She pulls of the gap-mouth look pretty darn well!

This poor girl took a spill last week that broke her front tooth off.  It didn't fall out and we tried to save it.  She even went a week with no thumb.  But it couldn't be saved, darn it!  The tooth came out yesterday.  Thankfully it didn't do anything to the permanent tooth (we think.)  She's pretty tough though.  She was happy just a few minutes after she broke it.  As soon as the blood was all cleaned up, she was great, and back to jumping.  She's been quite the little sweetie.  We had her hand wrapped up all last week so she didn't suck her thumb and she didn't even care.  She just thought it was another accessory and was excited to show everyone her cool taped hand.  
 On another note, this is what I came home to today from work.  What lucky kids!  What is more fun than shaving cream and finger paints?  What a fun grandma!

Thursday, August 14, 2014


We made it to the fair this year.  There were some high school kids playing around and practicing roping a calf.  Will wanted to try and was brave enough to go ask.  Those high school boys were so nice to Will and they let him come try a few times and they tried to help him out.  They made it look a lot easier than it was. 

Some people had some goats you could go and pet and hold.  Now the boys want a goat. Can you imaging Auggie with a goat?  

The kids managed to spend all their hard earned money pretty quickly.  Will and Sam both bought bow and arrows, Mike and Abbie got cute little chipmunks.

Logan River Trail

The kids enjoyed the Logan River Walk.  We haven't done that trail for a long time.  They liked the planets on the side of the trail.  It was fun to see just how far apart the planets are.  
Aren't they just cute.

Thank yous

Thanks Poppy for taking care of Abbie.  She sure loves you.
And thanks Grandpa for wearing the tie dye shirt my kids did.  That'll teach you to leave a shirt at our house.


If you're wondering who Abbie is walking with, it's Hazel, the royal princess (her words) and the royal prince Carter.

Just one please???

Seriously, just one picture of all 10 grandkids...please?  How can it be so hard to get all the kids looking at the camera?  Much less smiling...

Portuguese Camp

Sammy got to go to a week long "Poruguese Camp" to get him ready for dual immersion this year.  All week long he was anxious about the performance at the end of the week, but doesn't he make such a cute little bird?

And don't let him fool you, but he was excited about this fighting dance at the end. Capureta (spelling is wrong I'm sure)

Holy Cute...



I came around the corner at the library and saw this.  Just chillin with Abe.

Backpacking 2014

We took the boys backpacking in the Uintas this Summer for 4 days.  This is the lake (Kamas) that we got to camp by.  We had the lake all to ourselves, which was great.  We were expecting to run into more people since it was a holiday, so it was nice to not see too many people!

I'm sure Willie will love this picture when he gets older...

I have a lot more pictures on my camera...I'll have to get them loaded on here sometime.



Jen and her family were in town for like one day this Summer and I was lucky enough to catch her for a minute and see her cute kids.  Jen and Stan look just like they did while I was playing 15 years ago!  I can't believe how big her kids are.  All the kids were super happy to get in the picture as you can tell...especially the big boys:)

Bike Rides

Abbie loves to go on bike rides.  She also loves rice.  Here she got the best of both worlds.  I got rice on my bum and a spoon in my back pocket.  Thanks Abs.