Sunday, December 31, 2006

Computer Crash

So, there were several funny stories that happened to the Tanner's the last few weeks, but our computer crashed, so I guess I can't share them. I do rememeber one though. It was the Friday before Christmas and I was finally out of school, so I was excited to get home in a hurry. Our reliable Subabru doesn't have a gas light, and I knew that it needed gas, so I would stop at the gas station at the far end of Smithfield. I felt the car start to stutter and I pulled over into a street just off main. As soon as I turned, the car went dead. Good thing Reed was home! I called him and he brought me out some gas from home. I then proceeded to the gas station that was less than half a mile away, and Reed had me sit in the car with Will while he filled the car with gas. He came back and said it was all done, so I got in the car and drove off, only to hear "thud clunk" in the back of the car. Turns out, he didn't take the gas hose out of the car, and I drove off with it. Luckily, the things are made so they just snap off at the top of the tank, and they can be snapped back in. Reed came back and put the gas hose back where it belonged, and about an hour later, we were on our way.
Christmas was great. Here are some pictures from along the way!

And last, but definately not least, little princess Willie

Monday, December 4, 2006

More Pictures

Nothing exciting here, we just have a few more pictures that I would like to share with everyone and anyone who wants to see them! All my siblings are clever and have good blogs and interesting things to write. I don't, so pictures will have to take the place of clever and thought provoking text. But it is hard to beat these pictures!

We did put up our Christmas tree and Reed did all the decorating. It looks great! It took a while to get it to stand straight up though, but it is all fixed now. Thanks Grandma and pa Tanner for the bubble lights! And yes, the star on the top is a star fish.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

It happened again!

Boy or Girl?

Boy or Girl?

Yes, it has happened again. This happens all over the place, shopping centers (SAM's especially), restaurants, church, grocery stores... It happens over and again. Will has been referred to as a "she." "Oh, she's so sweet!", "Oh, she has the cutest smile!", "Would she like a drink too?", "How old is she?" We decided that he is just a pretty baby, or maybe you just can't tell. I guess I probably couldn't tell if he weren't my baby. Although, the blue that he usually wears might give it away. When it happens, I don't really know what to do. I usually just pretend like I didn't hear it, or that he really is a girl. Sorry Will! His dad usually makes a comment back, correcting them subtley. Something like, "He is 8 months, good ol' Will."

Isn't she cute?

Now, here's a real man!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Another week...

Will was a lucky boy Tuesday. He got to hang out with Grandma Edge during the day. That means a full day of play and eating, and not so much sleeping, but he was a good sport and loves playing with Grandma. Then, that evening, Will got to go to dinner with Grandma and Grandpa Tanner. He was so funny. He was about ready for bed when they got there, but he had to show off walking with his new cart. He loves walking around with his toys from his nativity scene in his cart. We then went to dinner, and since it has turned cold here, we bundled him in his new coat. We then proceded to try to fit him in his car seat. He looked like a slug. He couldn't move his arms, and he had his hood on, so when he looked at you, he wouldn't move his head, just his eyes back and forth. We left him like that for a while in the restaurant, but when he started sweating, we took his coat off. He was much happier now, he could move, which means that he could put food in his mouth. That kid can eat! If you don't believe me, just take a look at abby norman's page. He was so good at dinner and just ate his dinner roll and smiled while we had a nice dinner with the Grandparents. We should have got some pictures...I'm sure he will get put in his car seat with his coat again, since it is all of 12 degrees here...Life is good.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Grandma's Birthday

Today is Grandma Edge’s birthday. It is also Will’s eight-month birthday. Will went to his first Aggie basketball game last night. He was a real trooper, in his Aggie gear and after his bed time. We didn’t end up staying the whole time, but pretty close. He is just getting busier and busier each day. He has discovered a stack of CD’s that we kept by the computer, and even though I would distract him and move him and give him a new toy to play with, he still would go straight back to the CD’s. Not that they were necessarily more fun than his toy, but because I didn’t want him over there. He is such a stinker!
Mom-Happy Birthday! It’s too bad you have to work on your birthday, and we couldn’t throw you a surprise birthday party like last year. (If you would like to revisit that birthday, link to Abby Norman’s blog, where there is s great picture!) Thanks for being such a great Mom. We are all very lucky kids to have you as our mom. We really enjoy coming down and visiting, even if we don’t always have a plan of F-U-N things to do when we get there, and enjoy just sitting around with you guys. Thanks for coming up these past months and helping with Will. You have been a life saver, and it is fun to watch Will light up when he sees you, as do all of your grandkids. Happy Birthday Mom! I love you.

I thought I'd include some pictures of Grandma being Grandma for her birthday.

This is Grandma and Will in the middle of the summer watching Oscar roast marshmallows.

This is the first picture of all of the grandkids.

Thanks for “helping” me make his skunk costume. It was a hit!

This last one is of Willie sleeping in Grandma's arms. Doesn't he look so content?

Saturday, November 25, 2006


So today I decided that reading other people’s blogs is much more exciting than writing my own! While in SL with my family, I did learn a cool trick to make it easier to post though, so we’ll see if it is any easier.

We went and got a $15 Charlie Brown Christmas tree today. That is our favorite kind. There is a little local place here in town that sells Christmas trees in their front yard after Thanksgiving. We haven’t ever gotten one this early in the year before, but for some reason, I was excited to get one. I think I just like having it in our house…maybe it invites the Christmas spirit? I don’t know, but we will put it up tomorrow. We have to find to blocks of wood to put in the stand with it, since the trunk is only about 2 inches in diameter…if that. We will definitely post some pictures of the tree

We were able to spend a few days with the family this Thanksgiving. We have such great families. It was really nice to spend more than an hour or two down there. It was fun to see all of the aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins. Maybe we should all move to Logan!

I don't know if this was any easier... I lost all my pictures in the process of cutting and pasting...

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

But Everybody Else is Doing It!

Yes, I too, have started a blog. I was not going to do this. I know everybody else is doing it, but I wasn't going to. I started hearing about blogs about a year ago, and I decided I didn't know what they were, and was not interested in finding out. Well, here I am. Since people just want to see the pictures anyway, I am going to see if I can figure out how to add pictures...

This is one of Will (or George, as he is known around our house lately) in one of Grandma's toys. It is his peek-a-boo box, which he likes to crawl in. He is so curious about everything! (hence the name...George...)

Now here he is with our home grown pumpkin. We had a late halloween and carved the pumpkin about a week late. Oh well, Will still thought the pumpkin tasted good!

And, last but not least, a picture of George enjoying one of the last nice days outside. What a happy baby!