Sunday, March 30, 2008


Wednesday was Willie's birthday. We had some cake and ice cream with Grandma and Grandpa Tanner on Monday. When you ask Willie how old he is, he says "twenty-six!" with a big smile on his face. Too funny. Here are some pictures of his birthday snake cake. It was pretty good-the cake wasn't real sweet, but it had whipcream and "fresh" strawberries on top. Willie ate all of the strawberries and whipcream.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Lloyd's Barbershop

These pictures reminded me of some of my pictures-I have a little blue jacket on like his and I am just wandering around-enjoying the sun!
So it's been a while...

We went to St George a few weeks ago, and it was so nice! I needed the vacation and it was just right- beautiful weather and nothing I had to do-just what we wanted to do. We went to the park every day and went to Zions and hiked around and just had a good time. I got my haircut at Lloyd's Barbershop. We (Reed and I) went on a Saturday to find somewhere to get my hair cut. Everywhere we found was either closed or booked for the day, so I decided to get out the phone book and call a place instead of driving around. The first place listed was called "A Cut Above" so I called, and a guy answered the phone and said he had time to cut my hair. We drove over to the place, and above the sign it says: Lloyd's Barbershop. Men's Cuts $10.00. Great, I thought. This guy is planning on me coming, so we can't just leave. We could, but then I would feel bad (thanks Mom and Dad- I think that comes from you. He would have never known who I was if I didn't go in-that whole commitment/guilt thing...) We went inside and it was an old guy with a sweet wig. He ended up cutting my hair, and I couldn't keep a straight face the whole time. He kept telling me he wanted to give me bangs and frame my face etc. I told him that it was ok. I just wanted it shoulder length-no fancy stuff (especially from a guy who has maybe never cut a girls hair!) Anyway, old Lloyd did fine, it was quite the experience though. I wanted to go back and get my picture with Lloyd, but what do you say: "Hey, I can't believe I let you cut my hair and this is such a funny story I want to blog about it and it would be so much better if I had a picture of you?" I didn't think that would go so well, so you will just have to imagine-an old guy covered in polyester with a wig of flowing and very styled gray/white hair.
Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Tanner for letting us stay at your house! It was so nice to get away!
This was us in Zions. I got to listen to Willie's running commentary for the whole 3 hours. I'm not complaining, just when it was things like, "Mom go fast" and him holding on to my hair like I was a horse. His commentary did slow down after the first two hours, but never did stop!
These were from one of the parks we frequented. Willie must take after his mom-flip flops while dad is in his stocking cap! (Either that, or his mom dressed him :)
Mom- I had to post these pictures because this is what I frequently come home to from work-Willie playing with his little dog and fishy toys. He lines them up in the window or on the rocking chair and gets mad if I move them off the chair to sit down. They are currently his favorite toys. The first picture is Willie saying "Thanks Grandma!"