Friday, November 16, 2007

Country Man Willie

We thought this was a pretty cute picture. Old Willie might have a greater chance of growing up a cowboy than any of his cousins. Living in Cache Valley just kind of plants country seeds in people. Now we need to find him a horse.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Here are some (late) pictures from Halloween. Willie was a skunk, again, since it still fit him, and he doesn't care what he is! It was a lot of work, mostly for mummy, so it should get two years use out of it!
All the pictures I could get of him were him leaving. We went and got a sucker next door, and he kept wanting to go back. He also hated wearing the hat, so I was lucky to get one picture with the hat on.
We went to the Sheriff's office and they had some trick-or-treating there. It was nice because then Reed, who had to work, could do some trick-or-treating with us. Willie was funny. I don't think he knew that he had all that candy in his hands, or he would have chewed the wrappers off!
Here is the pumpkin that Reed carved:

Here is Willie's room. He no longer has clouds and yellow walls. It only took us 5 years to do it!

And lastly, here is what you get when you dip everything, including beets, in ketchup: