Thursday, December 30, 2010

Two Different Worlds...

Super Heroes:

Super Heroes:
You can't tell me that tea party doesn't look nice after a day of fighting dragons and Lord Voldermort.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Conversation with Sam-man

Scene: Sam looking up the chimney in our front room.

Mom: Is Santa going to come down the chimney tonight?

Sam: (Blank look)

Mom: Santa is going to fly with his reindeer, land on our roof, and bring a present for you and Willie down the chimney tonight.

Sam: Santa going to come down the chimney?

Mom: Yeah, and he'll bring you a present.

Sam: (Eyes getting big) He's going to bring me a bell?

Mom: A what?

Sam: A bell.

Mom: Oh yeah. (finally catching on. Darn slow Moms)

Sam: He going to put a bell in my hand?

-Too sweet. I love this age when they don't know that they can ask for anything. All he wants is a bell. I hope I can hear it ring when he gets it.-


We made our gingerbread trains the other night. We had a couple of friends over. It was a lot of fun...mess....and sugar. Thanks Landon and Drew for coming! P.S. Next year, I will assemble the trains before hand.

One of the benefits of having boys is I get to go out and run errands with this guy! (Who did dress himself, thanks.) He's so rad.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Tale of Three Clementines

Once there were three clementines. Then I tried juggling. Now there are two. And a nice orange-y smelling home when the heat is on. Shhhh...don't tell Reed.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Helpers

The boys have been great helpers lately. They have been calling me Santa, and they are the elves...maybe I should think about working out once in a while :)
Here they are making treats for neighbors.
At least Sammy thought they were tasty.
Willie came with me this morning to do a little Christmas shopping...He hasn't taken this crown off that we made yesterday except to sleep. And yes, his shoes are on the wrong feet. You'd think he'd notice, but he had them on all day like this.
We enjoyed dinner by the fire and Christmas tree (thanks Amanda for the great idea!) They loved it. We drank out of plastic cups and ate on Christmas paper plates. The boys thought it was a blast!
Happy Trails!

Dad's Yearly Post

I sit awake late at night often. Usually thinking about family. Sometimes work and other stuff. Life is good here in Logan. Kiddos are getting big and learning so much. Mom is always keeping things together and everyone happy. I get caught up in the busyness of life once in a while and forget to pay attention to what is great.

I walked into the kitchen the other Sunday. Meg was baking rolls and feeding Mikey at the same time. NPR was on the radio. Willie was intently drawing at the table and Sam was playing in the front room. There was a lot going on and it is rare to be in the middle of it and just be able to watch. It was a sweet moment for me. Who knew hanging out with that blue eyed soccer girl would have led me to this. I made a great choice and have a happy life. I am glad I have so much. I have Jedis, Wizards, Superheros, and a fantastic girl who plays with them all. I love you guys.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Decorating

Willie has been busy making the house "Christmasy". Here is his Play Doh nativity.
We made a puzzle one night out of foam board. We all drew on it and cut it out. That was the best $3 I have spent in a long time. (And I didn't even feel bad when I threw it away a week later!)
I can't get a picture of Mikey being he is always moving, but at least he is smiling.
(Well, and there is the fact that our camera is messed up and every picture looks washed out in the middle...)
Here is our Christmas tree. The kiddos decorated it, as you can tell from the second picture.

Yes folks, that is a sock on the tree...