Saturday, September 17, 2011

Before and After

Crushed knee cap
Getting ready to go to the hospital 
Before surgery
After surgery

Friday, September 9, 2011

Good Thing...

Reed's not riding LOTOJA tomorrow.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


So you started school a week or so ago, and after the first day I was a little worried.  You came home from school and told me it was boring!  Your first day of school!  But as we have gone on, you have liked it more and more.  You come home from school super tired, and for that reason I am glad you are in morning kindergarten so you can still take your afternoon naps.  However, I do wish I was able to take you to school as well as pick you up.  And I would love to come to school and volunteer.  Actually, I would just like to come and be a fly on the wall and watch my little Willie interact in school.
Grandpa Edge came and watched you today while I was at work.  He takes such good care of you boys.  He rode bikes with you to and from school, and he even did some school with Sammy so he didn't feel so left out.  He washed sheets and made you guys breakfast and lunch.  You are lucky to have such great grandparents.
When I got home from work, you went downstairs for a little while, then told me to close my eyes and follow you.  You led me downstairs to the messy play room, and when I opened my eyes, you had cleaned the whole room!  You are such a sweet boy and you like to help and serve those around you.  But you weren't done there, you told me to go upstairs again and when I cam back down, you were trying to vacuum the basement.  This is hard for a little guy, so you resorted to picking up garbage off the floor!  What a nice kiddo you are.
We rode our bikes down to the Aggie soccer game, where you played mostly, and watched a little.  Afterward, we rode our bikes up that BIG hill to get back home.  You worked those little legs to hard and you only had to take one break, which your mamma was glad for, because she was tired!  We then went up to the park for an Elder's quorum  party and had dutch oven dinner and played games.  I don't know that you ate so much, but you sure had fun playing with your brother and friends!
Thanks for being such a great kiddo.  Your mom and dad love you so much.  We are proud of the boy you are becoming.
Know your mom loves you.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

So young?

Willie and I were talking during lunch today and he told me that today at school everyone was saying their favorite colors.  "And I told everyone my favorite color is blue because everyone else's was, and I wanted to fit in."  His favorite color is really green.  It made me sad that he is already worrying about fitting in.  We had a good talk with him about it though.  We are reading about Abinadi and how he "boldly" answered all the priests questions.  He wasn't ashamed.  We asked him if Abinadi would have said his favorite color was blue, just to fit in.  He smiled and said, no, he would have said red.  So apparently Abinadi's favorite color is red...But I was glad that we could tie in our scriptures to his life.  Hopefully he learns that it is ok to be different and it is not so important to fit in that he needs to change who he is.  I didn't think kids started worrying about fitting in so early.