Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Monday, April 28, 2014

Will's Birthday

Will wanted bacon AND sausage and waffles for breakfast.  We don't eat bacon and sausage much, so they were all very excited.  

Will's birthday fell on Pack Meeting for the month, so he got to go to pack meeting on his birthday and be awarded his bobcat.  He was just a little excited :)

You got a basketball hoop for your birthday.  You even helped dig the hole without knowing what it was for.  In fact, I had lots of little helpers.

They asked Mom's to come up and paint their faces and to get the pin.  I went up there, and Willie, ever so politely said, "Actually, I think Dad helped most with this pin."  So true.  And so funny.  So I went and sat down so Reed could do the honors of getting the pin and painting Will's face.  It was a fun night.

We also took Will out, just Reed and I, to a restaurant for his birthday.  He chose Olive Garden.  It was a lot of fun being able to go out to eat with just Will.  He's growing up too fast.  He is a pretty sweet and sensitive kid most the time.  He likes just about everything. He is playing soccer and doing wrestling right now, as well as piano and scouts.  It keeps us plenty busy.  He is always thinking of others and how he can help.  Sometimes he is a stinker around the house and he is learning the fun in teasing, but for the most part, he's a pretty darn good kid.
He got baptized the Saturday after his birthday, along with two cute girls from the ward, Layla and Polly.  He got some scriptures for his birthday.  He wanted the large print ones, so that's what he got.  I'm a little jealous of the big ones.  He got some marking pens and a scripture mastery card.  During sacrament meeting now he likes to mark the scripture mastery.  Even for one of his late nights he wanted to mark his scriptures, so we went through some of them and marked and talked about them.  It was a fun night.
We love our Willie and are so proud of the decisions he is making and the person he is becoming.

Best Birthday Party

Will's birthday was a while a month ago, and we finally had his birthday party a couple of weeks after.  He wanted to go for a hike for his birthday party.  I thought it was a great idea.  We had his friends meet us at First Dam and we "hiked" the shoreline trail to Lundstrom Park.  We ate pizza and cupcakes and flew airplanes at the park.  It was super easy. fun, and nice to be outside.  Will let Sam and Mike invite friends, which was super nice.
Sorry Will, I only got pictures of Abbie eating your cupcakes.  She was pretty cute though...

Will also just wanted cupcakes with bugs on them.  Super easy.

Easter Fun

Just some pictures of our Easter egg hunt at the park.  The kids had fun.  It lasted about 5 minutes or so.

The little chick peeking out of her pocket were the favorites...along with all the chocolate, of course.


Abigail is very picky about the shoes she wears.  And she wants to put them on herself, thank you very much.

Teeth and Toys

Sammy lost his first tooth!  It has been loose for a while and it got really loose the other day when Grandma was up.  They went to the park and played like they were camping.  (My kids have the best Grandma!)  Grandma brought a camp stove and they made macaroni and cheese and ate it and she brought a tent to set up.  Sammy was using his teeth to pull some tent poles out and pulled his tooth really loose.  He cried and cried then Grandma bought him a Bionicle and all was well.

Sunday, his tooth was still really loose and he wouldn't eat anything because it hurt, so Reed told him that if he let him pull it out, he could get a toy.  Sammy was crying and so scared but just stood there and let Reed pull it out.  All for a bionicle.  As soon as he got his tooth out he ran and got socks and shoes on and was ready to go to the store.  Too bad it was Sunday and he had to wait a day.  He wasn't too mad though.  I think he was just proud that he did it!  So one tiny tooth for $1 from the tooth fairy and two bionicles.  What a spoiled (but cute) kiddo!
Oh yeah, I found out yesterday that Sam thought football was called "flup-ball" and was sure of it.  He didn't believe me when I told him it was football.  He tells me, "no, it's that game where you throw the ball and you wear helmets and stuff, flupball."