Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Well...I guess I could just re-post the pictures from our last blog entry.  Reed was at work today and slipped on something on the floor and broke his knee cap again.  He was able to get surgery tonight on it, so he didn't have to wait a week to get it fixed this time.  At least this time we know what to expect.

I guess I need to learn some things from this experience since I didn't learn them the first time around.  My sweet Willie already has taught me something during this experience.  Grandpa came and picked the kids up so I could be with Reed during and after the surgery.  One of the first things Willie wanted to do when they got in Grandpa's car was to say a prayer for Reed and for the doctor.  I was too caught up in the logistics of getting everything worked out to remember the more important things.  When Willie got word that the surgery went well, he said, "You know why, right?  Because of the prayer."  Such great faith!  I sure have great kids and I'm glad for all of their great examples and teachers that have helped to teach them the important things.  I am also thankful for great parents who always drop what they're doing to help out and take time to be with the kids.  Willie even chose to go to Grandma and Grandpa's house rather than go to school.  It was a hard choice for him though.  He does love both.

Just in case you missed it the first time-  Although the new x-rays (that I don't have) show his knee cap broken in at least 3 pieces, as well as all the hardware poking out of his broken patella.