Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sunday Best

Friday, August 6, 2010

The Boys

Sammy does love his little brother, even if sometimes he doesn't know how to contain himself and we have to call him Lenny.
The boys all in their train jammies...Actually, just Sammy and Mikey had train jammies on, and Willie felt left out, so he is wearing some of Sammy's jammmies...they almost fit!
I think it will always be 2 out of 3 smiling...never all 3.
Sammy was walking around in Dad's shoes, and informed us he was going on a bike ride.
I think I have Grandma Edge to thank for the spider webs. I guess the yarn spider web was better than the thread one I found in the basement...and got my foot tangled in.
Sammy wearing part of Mikey's blessing outfit...He called it his helmet and kept asking me to buckle it.
Mikey has decided he likes his thumb better than the binky for now. This is okay, except it takes him a long time to find his thumb.