Wednesday, June 16, 2010

new pictures

I have had a few requests for pictures of Sam-man stitched up, as well as a few updated pictures of Mikey, so here you go!
We counted 10 stitches on the top layer, so we are guessing 20-30 stitches in the three layers.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Willie had a primary activity on Saturday, and got to dress up in "biblical clothing." This is what we came up with. If you told him he looked good, he would say, "thanks, I'm Nephi." We decided we should have sent him in his soldier clothes and he could have been a Roman soldier.

Sam Man

Here are a few pictures to show what it is like living with Sam-man. He is always looking for a laugh. Even when his head is split open. He had his second birthday yesterday and got a sweet caterpillar cake from his dad. This header into the plastic climbing wall at the park cost him 3 layers of stitches. He is a tough guy!