Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Little Helpers

Since I've been able to be home more over Christmas break, I couldn't help but notice what good helpers I have around the house. Some evidence, in no particular order:

Willie, helping to build the train... Or eat it, I don't know

Ok, so this one isn't so much of a helper as much as it is Willie showing off his Billy side...

The turkeys helping do laundry...ok, so they're putting the clean clothes back into the washer and dryer...It's the thought that counts, right?

Sam man putting the nativity back together after Billy has played with it.

Willie helping to redecorate the tree.

What would we do without cousins? Poor Lucy wouldn't know how to use her new Christmas toy!

Or know where the food goes in her new kitchen set.

Willie helping Grandpa put the crayons away, with all the points up.

Sammy taking over Dad's job as the protector of the house. Notice his finger ready on the trigger.

Sammy helping put Christmas decorations away... At least this treat I won't have to work off later.

Just another picture of the dedicated worker.

And his co-worker working at a slower pace with a glass of milk.

Thanks little helpers for all you do around the house!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Train Trouble

The above Gingerbread train may seem cute at first glance but really there is more than meets the eye. Both gummy penguins and cinnamon bears have climbed aboard and are in the throws of mortal combat. The battle to claim the giant gold coins has been raging on our kitchen counter for several days. According to Will the bears are winning today. Really I think the only reason is that he finds the penguins to be tastier and for this reason they are dwindling in numbers.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


- Willie is excited for Christmas this year. He asked Santa for a bag of mint m&ms. I love it! I don't think he knows that the presents under the tree are really for him and Sam, because we are copying my mom and doing categories for everyone, so they don't know what presents are theirs until Christmas. His categories is Dinosaurs (because he is so into dinos). He brings me a present and asks me what it says- then he'll say, "(insert dinosaur) gets a present! He's lucky!" But he never asks where his presents are.
-Sammy is into everything, learning more words and understanding too much. He loves to sit on the stool at the counter because he feels like such a big boy. He forgets to eat; he is too busy looking around making sure everyone is noting how big he is. He loves sitting at the table and coloring, and some of it even gets on the paper. And yes, he is eating a jam sandwich in this picture. Those are the kind of sandwiches you get when your dad is allergic to nuts.
This is a shot of part of our Christmas tree. It looks like it may even make it to Christmas in spite of being knocked over and having a rocking chair knocked over into it, along with two wild kids running around it, through it, over it, you name it! Only two more days tree. Hang in there!
Life is good!