Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Willie's Goose Egg

Well today Will was climbing like normal, the only problem was that he was climbing on a stool which held a very large potted plant. You can probably figure out what happened next. Needless to say he was in trouble. Once Dad determined that little William would survive the accident and had stopped crying and screaming Willie was sentenced to time-out on the couch. During his time-out session we took pictures of his new goose egg. Poor Willie

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Reed graduated the Police Academy this past week. He is now officially all done with all the schooling that he will need. Since he started this school right after he graduated USU, he will finally be able to relax and enjoy the fact that he has no more school. Willie and I will also be able to see him a little more!
Here are some pics from graduation:

And this is what Willie does when you say, "guess who's coming? Grandma and Grandpa are coming!"

Congratulations Reed! We are proud of you and happy you are done :)

Sunday, October 7, 2007

A few things...

So, a few random things that I have been thinking about lately:
I really do like my job. It is really nice being able to only work 4 hours, and be gone for that amount of time, compared to last year. It is nice being closer to work, and being able to do all of my prep work at home. I have enjoyed being able to teach different subjects like Biology (thanks to Em) and English. Maybe I should go get endorsed in those subjects so I can teach them someday :) We are getting a second teacher starting Monday. That will be nice, so instead of teaching 5 subjects (upper and lower math, biology, upper and lower english), I will only have to teach 3 (lower math and English, Biology). Now that you know I enjoy teaching English, you should know it is the reading books part, not the grammar etc. So you don't need to tell me what errors I have in my blogs. I'm not an English major, after all!
I'm glad that Reed and I can work it out so one of us is home with Willie. Thanks mom for filling in though, while Reed has finished his classes.

The last of the tomatoes and peppers-one last batch of salsa to make

Home Sweet Home-
So Reed and I are always thinking about where we want to live next. I do like our home and our yard, however, we would like to one day (who knows, 15 years?) move to a place where it is more stable-not so many neighbors moving in and out. We have always said we would like to buy a bigger piece of land, an acre or so?, and build a little house on it. But I've been thinking it might be nice to live "downtown" so we are closer to everything instead of out in "the country." So what do you think: an older house in the pretty part of "downtown" Logan. (around center street for those of you who know Logan) or out in the country with a big lot in Lewiston or Newton or somewhere out there...Again, not that this is happening at all, just something to think about.

The Weather Outside is...-
It is such a pretty time of year! I went for a jog last night and it was the perfect weather-shorts and a long-sleeve t-shirt that had to come off 1 mile into the run. My body is very efficient at keeping me warm:) It was so nice out, half the population was at priesthood, so I had the roads to myself. We took a drive today so Reed could sleep and I could listen to conference and the Wellsvilles are so pretty! Bright red the bottom half, and the top half is white with snow...I like living here.

Walmart (my least favorite place! And yes, Logan is getting a second one)-
I had to go to Walmart yesterday, and I think it is the best form of birth control! I always come away from there thinking that maybe one or two kids is enough! It's just all the whining and bratty kids and the parents at the end of their ropes. Maybe I shouldn't say anything though, because I only have 1 child, and the only things he can say are: belly! toes! eyes! etc etc. I just have to remember that the only safe time to go to Walmart is at 5 A.M. when nobody is awake yet.