Monday, April 16, 2007

Expensive Taste

What is that you ask? A penny of course! Last Thursday, Will wanted to see how much a penny is really worth. When we get the bill, we will let you know.

Will was just being his normal busy self while I was getting ready for the day. I could tell he had something in his mouth, so I went to check, and I couldn't see anything. He started to cough, so knowing Will, we took him into the bathroom to throw up, which he does occasionally. No throw up, so Reed checked his mouth and we coudn't find anything. Oh well. It must have been a piece of paper or something harmless. During the day, he couldn't keep any solids down, only liquids. He didn't act like anything was wrong all day, except for the throwing up, which is more common with him than I like. When I got home from work, we decided to take him to the doctor. Sure enough, there was a penny in his throat (as you can see.) We took him to the hospital to have it removed. They had to give him an IV. This was the worst part of the whole thing. He's just a little guy with little viens. The couldn't get one in his hand, so they tried his foot next and were successful after several minutes of screaming from the boy. After that, the procedure only took about 15 minutes, with knocking him out and getting the penny out. A 2007! What a keeper. Hey, at least it wasn't too dirty, can't be too much worse than those hot dogs I fed him yesterday!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

We Protect Kids From Everything But Fear

I read this article in Newsweek this past week. It made me laugh. It is very true. P.S. Willie's new favorite food: hot dogs!