Friday, August 17, 2007

Catch Up

So it's been a while since I have posted, and I have a bunch of pictures to share from the summer, which is drawing to a close.
We will start with some good Willie teething phots. He has gotten four new teeth this summer, and along with the teeth comes the drool (note his glimmering chest above) and the snot. Enjoy!

Here are some pictures from a park in River Heights. It has this whole area for 2-5 year olds. It's great. There are slides and bridges, sandboxes and swings, and a set of chimes. (Willie is plaing the chimes in the first picture.)

This is a picture of Willie doing one of his favorite things lately. You ask him if he want to go rock with a book and he will bring a book up the the rocking chair and climb up on the chair and read his book.

And to wrap up the post, here are some of my summer projects that I have done. (Note: I use the term "Summer" very liberally, these are projects that I may have started back in December, but just got done in the summer!)

Here is our railing we painted black to match the front door. (It used to be white, but I really like the black!)
The quilt I made for Reed. This is one of those 7 month projects.
Here are the Roman Shades I made for our kitchen doors to try and help it stay cooler in the afternoon.

And what do you do with that space under your deck that used to be a sandbox that you have tried to grow stuff in? Well, put a sandbox in, of course!

Do you notice the part of his grilled cheese that he didn't eat? Honestly, I don't know where he learns things from!

And here is a good night picture from Will!!!