Saturday, March 29, 2014

New Shoes

Thanks Grandma Tanner for the new shoes.  Abbie loves them!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

No Pressure

Willie informed me this morning on our way to stake conference that he is trying to be super good because he would like our family to be taken straight to heaven "like that one city in the scriptures."

Friday, March 14, 2014

Sunny Skies

My boys all have pink cheeks today after spending about 6 hours out in the sun.  I love it.  They are stinking cute.  We spent all day outside after half-day school.  The boys all wanted to go play on the dirt hills behind the canal.  So they went and played while Abbie napped and I planted some garden for the dogs to eat.  After a couple hours, we all went to the park for a couple hours.  Will, Sam, and Mikey's friends were all there, so they all played hard.  They loved hanging out on those dirt hills though.  It was fun to watch them play and love being outside so much.  Abbie got adventurous at the park and climbed up the stairs and loved playing up on the playground equipment.  She loved playing peek-a-boo through the holes.  Did I mention that she's stinkin cute?  I didn't get any other pictures of those boys playing.  They were way too busy for pictures.

Wrestling Company

It's that time of year again that Willie and Sammy get to wrestle three times a week.  So I have some friends to keep me company.  This is a new sight for me at wrestling though.  A little girlie with a dollie and her purse.  And lots of pink.  And cuteness.  She does want to go out there with her brothers and wrestle though.  Mikey is pretty cute too.  He loves to do the warm up and any games they play.  He can't wait to wrestle like his big brothers.  He's lucky to have such great older brothers. 

Soccer Juniors

We have been at the park quite a bit lately.  Mikey and Abbie have really taken to kicking the soccer ball around.  Mikey is super disappointed that he isn't old enough to play on a team until the fall.

Some Handsome and Some Jealous

Oh My Goodness.  Isn't he just the cutest?  He wore this old hand-me-down suit the other day to church and he was just the cutest little thing.  However, the suit caused much jealousy from his oldest brother who really wants a suit for his 8th birthday...and scriptures...and every Roald Dahl book...Oh I love my boys.


So the title of this post reminds me of when Reed and I were first dating.  We were hanging out and just asking each other questions.  He asked me where my favorite place to shop was.  I answered pretty quickly, with out thinking much, and replied "Lees."  I think he was thinking more like clothes shopping...not grocery shopping.  That answer probably told him more about me than telling him where I like to shop for clothes.  (Shop for clothes?  There's a long list of things I'd rather do than shop for clothes.)
Back to this post....Will and Sam are getting big enough that they usually don't like to go shopping much.  They would rather stay home and sneak some TV time in.  So I get to go with Mikey and Abs.  Unless I wait and go at night when everyone is in bed.  But when I do that I miss these two little faces with me.  Mikey loves getting his own cart and shopping with Mom.  Abbie loves the grocery car carts.  I don't know why, she is still turned around to see me the whole time.  Whatever.  They are a lot of fun to have with me though.  I think I spend more money when they come.  I think Mikey sneaks stuff into his cart that I find when I get home.  Love my kiddos.  


For Valentines this year we had a super fancy dinner at home with the kids.  It was a lot of fun and we all stuffed ourselves.  The boys loved the fancy table.  We ate using candle light (thanks Reed for playing along!)  and had several courses.  We tried to work a little on manners and compared to our usual dinners, the manners were much better.  We still have a long way to go though.  Willie decided that he wanted a dinner like that for his birthday.  I don't think he still wants it for his birthday, but you know, it sounded good at the time.  I loved spending Valentines with my whole family.  It will come to soon when they will all be off for Valentines, or wont be quite so excited to hang out with Mom and Dad for Valentines dinner, so we will soak it up while we can.

Morning View

Good Morning!  


I could not keep these kids inside much.  They loved being outside, sledding, walking, playing, digging, shoveling, toddling, anything they could do to be out of the house.  Sometimes they were dressed for it, hats and all, sometimes they decided they didn't need shoes.  or socks.  or coats.  And for some reason, the way Abbie puts on her hat reminds me of Grandpa Kayser.  She loves wearing hats too.  And any accessories.  Except shoes.  Those apparently are optional.  All the kids were really good this year.  They wanted to go outside and play and it used to be that they would come in after 10 minutes.  This year they would go out and play at least long enough for me to make some hot chocolate.  It was great.    


One of Abbie's first words was Cookie!  I was changing her in her bedroom and asked her if she wanted a cookie.  She jumped up and ran down to the kitchen yelling COOKIE!!!  This is her waiting at the stove, anxiously waiting a cookie.  I could not get her to say it when I got the recorder out though, of course.  She is so excited.  Look at that blurry little hand.

Blue Skies

January 20, 2014
We try to get the kids out as much as possible during the winter.  It may be more for my sake than for my kids sake.  We all seem much happier when we are outside.  We like to take the kids on hikes out in the snow and bring sleds for them to ride down in.  Willie walked ahead of all of us and wrote words on the side of the trail.  I guess so we didn't get lost?  The kids were so happy to be out.  It was one of those crappy days that you can see the gray air hanging over the valley.  It was beautiful up in the canyon.  Happy Days.