Monday, October 25, 2010

Here are some things that have been going on the past couple of months...
A snake was among the many animals we saw in Zions and Kolob. This was on our way home in Kolob. Such pretty country!
We were on the shuttle in Zion's. The boys had fun walking around and seeing all the cool rocks, deer, lizards, snakes, but most of all, the cool sticks (swords, guns, light sabers...) and acorns (bombs). Should I be worried?
Willie learned about the planets this summer and here is his artwork!
Mikey Mike

Boo at the Zoo Skeletons

Here we are in the Tetons this summer. Hidden falls maybe? After the boat ride across Jenny Lake.

The waiting and watching pictures of Old Faithful. Aren't the boys cute!
This is part of Will's decorating the car for LOTOJA. I didn't get pictures of the side windows. He was very excited to paint the car.
This is at Yellowstone, in the canyon. There is a huge waterfall behind where the boys are standing and it was making me so nervous, even though it is all fenced off, and they weren't going anywhere....Reed thinks I'm a wimp.