Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Day

Christmas started with this...Willie shoveling the walks early in the morning.  Before presents even!  (He didn't get too far...don't worry.  And he volunteered.)
 Abbie loves her Elsa dress.  Thanks Grandma Tanner, I think...
 I guess it's worth giving her an Elsa dress (and princess shoes even) if she will then snuggle with you like this!
 It did finally snow for Christmas and the boys were super happy.  They played out in the snow for an hour after doing presents and playing inside for a while.  
 We ended the wonderful day with a "nice" dinner complete with Christmas cups and plates.  We had stuffing (Reed's request), cranberry fluff salad, turkey tenderloin, and mashed potatoes.  It was a nice way to end the day.
 Oh yeah.  This is how we ended the day.  Mikey helping Abbie get her princess dress on, complete with Elsa and Anna unders and princess shoes.  Yes, unders!  Followed promptly by pooping in the underwear.  Well, a bath is a nice way to end the day as well.

Christmas Eve and Bugs

This year on Christmas Eve we went sledding at the park and ended up on the iced-over canal playing and sliding and slipping.  Until Sammy fell through the ice and got all wet.  Good thing it's not too deep, or too far from home.

We ended the night with a picnic by the Christmas tree.  They like to do that every year.  We had frog-eye salad, which apparently I haven't made for a long time,  because they were so impressed that I MADE it!  I didn't just buy it at the store, but I MADE it!  We also had grilled cheese sandwiches and grapes...probably some other picnic fare, but I don't remember.
 I saw this the other day.   It is Will's "Creepy Crawly Information Book" He has been carrying it around and adding to it.  It is pretty awesome.  He has an introduction followed by several pages of information about spiders and such.  He is pretty smart and remembers everything he reads.  It's so fun!


We usually make gingerbread trains during Christmas time.  This year I couldn't find the template, so I tried (and failed) to make houses.  We ended up making a couple of flat houses, as well as some sleds and one not-so-good house.  Will was happy to have the house because then he could have it all to himself.  
this is what Abbie did the whole night.  Ate candy.  What do you expect, right?  And since she's so stinkin cute, guess what we let her do all night?  And kissed her for it.

Somehow I missed Sammy.  He was over on a different table.  Sorry Sammy!


These two...such good friends.  Mikey sure puts up with a lot.  Little Abbie has some spunk in her.  (Is that just a nice way of saying she can be a brat?)  She hits poor Mikey semi-often, and usually it is with an Elsa barbie in her hand, so it probably hurts a little.  Mikey just puts up with it.  Such a nice kid.  They are fun to watch though.  I like sneaking up on them and watching them play while the big boys are at school.

Wonderful Winter

This year the weather was awesome.  This picture was taken December 6.  The boys were all out playing all afternoon.  And I actually got some yard work done.  I did some pruning, some weeding, and planted garlic.  I usually do that around Halloween.  I was not complaining!  Some people wanted winter and snow to sled.  Not me!  This was great.  We followed this with a fire outside and a movie inside when we were done with the fire.  What a great night!


Oh yeah.  We got rid of Auggie on Thanksgiving as well.  We found a family who will love her much more than we had time for.  This was our kids reaction...
In her place we got a tarantula.  Was that a good trade???


I love this picture.  Grandpa looks so happy for me to be taking a picture.  We got to have Thanksgiving at our house.  I like having it here.  I know it's a pain for everyone to drive up from SLC, but we had fun.  Reed had to work so we couldn't go anywhere.  It was nice for everyone to come up.  
We had a kid table set up for Henry, Mikey, Abbie and whoever else wanted to sit there.  I think Henry was the only one that sat there.  Maybe Grandpa went and sat with him too.  Henry cracks me up.  Such a funny kid.
Thanks family for coming up!

St George Thanksgiving

We headed down to St George before Thanksgiving this year to enjoy some nice weather.  It was nice staying with Grandma and Grandpa Tanner and hanging out in the red rocks.  The boys loved this little slot canyon thing.  I think they liked it best because Reed and I couldn't fit through it, so they got to do it on their own.  

Man I sure like these kids.  It was so nice taking several days to hang out with them and play.


Wrestling this year has been fun.  We are doing the long season for the first time this year and have been to several tournaments.  If three practices a week plus tournaments on Saturdays aren't enough, we thought we'd get a mat to put in the basement so they can wrestle when they are bored :) 
 This is after the Weber tournament.  I don't remember what place the kids took.  I think Will took 2nd and Sam and Mike took 3rd.  I could be totally wrong though...
 Here we are with the Redd's.  These awesome boys are some of our kids best friends.  They wrestle and play together.  And hard.  Not a dull moment with this bunch.  So fun to see them all together!
When our boys were really little Reed told me that they were going to wrestle when they got older.  I was not sold.  I wasn't the biggest fan of wrestling.  I knew nothing about it and it was just a little weird to me.  I am now sold.  It has been so good for our boys and their coach is awesome.  He just loves what he does and he loves the boys.  Wrestling is good for our kids because they have to focus and can't space off and chase butterflies (not that there is anything wrong with chasing butterflies...)  They have also learned a lot and they work hard and get some of that awesome energy out.  

Poor Pitiful Pearl

I think Abbie is the privileged child.  No one else gets to take Poor Pitiful Pearl to bed with them.  Or drag her around the house by her hair.  

Sam's Writing

The benefits of cleaning up around the house...

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Oh Abbie...

Two-teethed Abbie
 Snaggle-tooth Abbie
She pulls of the gap-mouth look pretty darn well!

This poor girl took a spill last week that broke her front tooth off.  It didn't fall out and we tried to save it.  She even went a week with no thumb.  But it couldn't be saved, darn it!  The tooth came out yesterday.  Thankfully it didn't do anything to the permanent tooth (we think.)  She's pretty tough though.  She was happy just a few minutes after she broke it.  As soon as the blood was all cleaned up, she was great, and back to jumping.  She's been quite the little sweetie.  We had her hand wrapped up all last week so she didn't suck her thumb and she didn't even care.  She just thought it was another accessory and was excited to show everyone her cool taped hand.  
 On another note, this is what I came home to today from work.  What lucky kids!  What is more fun than shaving cream and finger paints?  What a fun grandma!

Thursday, August 14, 2014


We made it to the fair this year.  There were some high school kids playing around and practicing roping a calf.  Will wanted to try and was brave enough to go ask.  Those high school boys were so nice to Will and they let him come try a few times and they tried to help him out.  They made it look a lot easier than it was. 

Some people had some goats you could go and pet and hold.  Now the boys want a goat. Can you imaging Auggie with a goat?  

The kids managed to spend all their hard earned money pretty quickly.  Will and Sam both bought bow and arrows, Mike and Abbie got cute little chipmunks.

Logan River Trail

The kids enjoyed the Logan River Walk.  We haven't done that trail for a long time.  They liked the planets on the side of the trail.  It was fun to see just how far apart the planets are.  
Aren't they just cute.

Thank yous

Thanks Poppy for taking care of Abbie.  She sure loves you.
And thanks Grandpa for wearing the tie dye shirt my kids did.  That'll teach you to leave a shirt at our house.


If you're wondering who Abbie is walking with, it's Hazel, the royal princess (her words) and the royal prince Carter.

Just one please???

Seriously, just one picture of all 10 grandkids...please?  How can it be so hard to get all the kids looking at the camera?  Much less smiling...