Sunday, July 10, 2011

Snaggle Tooth Mikey

Can't see it?
Get a little closer...

There it is!
Darn it. Mikey was playing in the bathroom while the older boys were bathing and he took a header. Chipped both front teeth. Now if we could just get him to not smile so much, nobody would notice.

This below is Mikey (and all 1 year old's) favorite hobby. Emptying out cupboards. Or playing in the toilet. No pictures of that though. Should have gotten a picture of him dipping his teddy bear in the toilet though. Next time.
This is how he looks when he is walking. All the time. Like he is just about to tip over. And he does. A lot. Hence the teeth.

Dancing Daring Dangerous Will

OK. We will start with the dancing. I let Will help cut up rhubarb for rhubarb pie the other day. Then all of his dance moves morphed into chopping motions. He told me he was practicing chopping. Hence:
Favorite activity as of late:
We made an American flag cake for the 4th. Something about Willie: He LOVES the American flag. Anytime we see one, he stops and puts his hand on his heart. We had the chance to go hang out with Dad at one of his scouting camps-Mountain Man Rendezvous. Among many other cool things for boys (throwing tomahawks and knives, setting traps, shooting a bow and arrow, shooting guns, etc.) Willie got to experience a flag being retired. He was almost in tears when they put the flag on the fire. He told me on the way back to our tent that he was glad that he got to see it, but it made him so sad. I told him it was good that he got to experience it, and now he knows how to do it and what it is. He then told me that he is glad that he experienced it so he doesn't ever have to see it again.
Dad gave Willie a pocket knife. Hmmm...Good thing we have accident insurance? (A must in this house) So far we haven't had to use it. Willie is a very careful boy.
And since we haven't gotten to use the insurance due to the pocket knife, why not put a five-year-old on the roof for the afternoon?

I Am Sam

Sammy had a birthday. I'll let him tell you how old he is:
Whew, that took a lot of work!

He had a great birthday. He got a dragon cake. It took all I could do to talk him out of a Ninja Turtle cake. We should have done it. Oh well. The dragon cake turned out pretty cool too. Thanks to Dad for the cake.
Thanks to Grandma for all the Ninja Turtle Toys.

Some things about three-year-old Sam:
-All we could get him to say he wanted was "a bear like Mike's" for his birthday. Mikey got a little teddy bear (thanks Grandma) for his birthday, and Sammy, apparently, is (was) super jealous. So he got a bear like Mike's (a little bigger, lighter color. Not exactly like Mike's. That would cause problems.) (Thanks again Grandma). And he carries it around with him all the time. The bear's name? "Bear Like Mike's." As in, that's what he calls it. All the time. His bear like Mike's.
-He will NOT wear pants. It is a fight every Sunday to get pants on him.
-He is not potty trained. We are working on it, and using everything we can think of, from phone calls to Raphael and Leonardo (thanks Bri) to a suppository treatment(thanks Amanda). Any suggestions are welcome.
-He doesn't believe that his name is Samuel. It is Sam, or Sammy, or Raphael. Sometimes Batman or Superman. Definately not Samuel.
-He loves his baby brother and likes to let Mikey "wrestle" him. (read: lay on top of him)
-His best friend in the whole world is Willie. He does whatever Willie does. He chases him around the stores. He is so sad when Willie gets invited to play at friends houses without him. One good thing about afternoon kindergarten for Willie is that Sam will be napping (fingers crossed) so he won't miss his BFF too much.
-He loves his mama
-He likes to snuggle...on his terms.
-Speaking of his terms, everything has to be on his terms.
-He still loves to make everyone laugh.