Thursday, June 28, 2007

Endangered Rings

Click here for some cool free ring tones. I don't know how to get them on my phone, but I'm sure you who are more technically smart can figure it out. There are some fun sounds on this site.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Call For Books

So come Fall, I have to teach English, Science, Math, and Social Studies. I have been trying to brush up on my History and Science (red shift and blue shift? Who remembers this stuff?) And I am trying to remember or come up with any books that I can use for my students. They are middle/high school aged, but most of their reading levels are below grade level. I have a couple that are pretty high. Anyway, I was wondering if any of you had any suggestions-both books that you had to read for school, or books you think teenage boys would enjoy.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Summer Pictures

We went camping the last couple of days. Will had a lot of fun the first day. He had so much fun, he refused to sleep, so you can see how he felt in the morning...We found a chair just for him and he liked to sit in it and kick his legs.
The night before...
He craweld in the kennel himself...maybe he should have slept in there!

The morning after...

Some summer dinner pics

Sunday, June 10, 2007

just a few things...

So it's been a while since I've posted...
-We went to Yellowstone with the school and it was a lot of fun. We started out the trip with Wilie dislocating his elbow while walking with Dad. He just dropped his feet while Reed was holding his hand. We stopped at the ER in Franklin county-bad mistake. The doctor told us he fixed it, and Will may have stretched ligaments, that's why he still couldn't move his arm and cried when he tried. Two hours later, Willie was still crying and in obvious pain. We then went to Idaho Falls, where, while waiting in the ER, Willie fell down, caught himself with his hands, and immediately was able to use his arm. All fixed! Yellowstone was very pretty. It was cold though. It snowed on us the first day. We saw a lot of bison, a bald eagle, a bear, and a coyote. Here are a few pictures...
Notice what Willies comfort toy of choice was to play with while he fell asleep...who needs stuffed animals!

-Summer is here! I've decided one of the best things about being home and not working or going to school is that I don't have as many deadlines! I don't have to get laundry done, bathrooms cleaned etc. because I have to go to work tomorrow, or I have class. If I do get it done today, then great, if not, I can do it the next day...

-I got a new job for next year. It is a school for sex-offenders. It is a placement for them, and it is residential. It is only about a mile from my house, which is really nice. There are several benefits and drawbacks. It pays more, it is closer to home, my principal is awesome, I will only have between 8 and 10 students, and I will be gone a little less. The drawbacks is that it will be a lot of work the first year because I am teaching four different subject areas-math, science, english, and history. I think it will be good and a great learning experience for me.

-I printed off a workout without weights to do at home after Willie goes to sleep. I have done a lot of weight lifting workouts in my life, and I have to admit I laughed to myself when I read this one. I thought it would be good, even if it was too easy. At least it might help me not be so jelly. I did it yesterday, and I am very sore! I couldn't do all of the different pushups-and I wasn't putting my feet on a bench or anything. I am most sore in my calfs of all places from doing calf raises! Now, I know I haven't lifted for a long time, but I didn't think I would be this bad! I encourage you to try it. I am going to try and keep it up for a couple of weeks and see if there is any improvement. Now you who live in the land of hills, I'm sure your legs will not get sore at all from doing the calf raises, as you probably already have "cougar calves."