Monday, August 29, 2011

What to say...

What do I tell this 3-year-old who is CONVINCED he is starting school with Willie tomorrow. I think he is going to have the hardest time with this whole school thing. Poor kiddo is going to miss his best friend.

Totally Jealous

Enough said.


Here are some pictures of one of my favorite plant in our yard- our hibiscus
Here's our garlic for the year. I was disappointed with the size.
Our best hibiscus. Too bad it's in a spot that isn't seen so easily. Good planning Meg.
And this is what happens when you try to get the zucchini bread out of the pan too early. Hmmm...Someone needs to learn a little patience.

Friday, August 26, 2011



Thanks for the bedtime story tonight. I really like it where you tell me a story instead of me telling you one. You are much better at telling stories than I am. I'm so glad you talked me into staying for your story instead of wandering off to bed. I loved hearing about the castle full of good guys. Of 6,000 of them to be exact. And their weapons that were swords like whips. And their armor that was made of diamonds and their skin that shone like diamonds, and was as strong as diamonds, but as soft as your ladybug blanket. Oh yeah, this was a castle in Germany. In outer space. Then there was the castle of bad guys. In Africa. In outer space. There weapons were whips made of diamonds with one dull side and one kind of sharp side. You even showed me what it felt like if you got hit by the whip. I loved the part where you told me what the good guys language sounded like. And I liked that this was the whole story. Next time we will work on the plot a little, but I think you set it up great. Thanks for an awesome bedtime story and some great laughs.


Friday, August 19, 2011


Dear Mikey

You are now almost one-and-a-half. You are a good baby. Even an easy one ninety percent of the time. You are easy going. And when you want something or are not happy, you are not afraid to let everyone know. You have a great set of vocal chords, as long as you don't ruin them. You don't yell or cry too much, though, just enough to get our attention, and maybe the neighbors too. You love your bear and your blankey and your baba. You will take the Yot instead of your bear though. You like to tickle your face with the Yot's hair. You love to suck your thumb. Even though I know it's going to be a pain to get rid of that thumb later, I think it is too cute to worry about now. I love how you will come plop down on my lap any time I sit on the floor. Many times you will bring a book with you. You love our animals. We just got Warrior the kitten a few weeks ago and you love to pet him. One of the first things you do in the morning is "braaak braaaak" at the chickens as I open your windows. You love to go see the chickens. You are my snuggliest. Which makes me happy. You like to play peek-a-boo behind my back. Know that I love you.

Dear Sam

You are now 3 years old, and you think you are 5. Your big brother is about to go off to kindergarten, so now you get to be the big brother. You are such a fun boy and you love life and making people laugh. You are a good big brother to Mikey and I am sure you two are going to be great friends. I love that you always want to be with your mom. I also love to watch you grow and become more independent. Like today when you went down the big slide at the pool all by yourself. And when you want to get dressed by yourself. And when you can go off and play with your brothers for a while. It is so fun watching you grow and learn new things. I am excited for you to have time to grow while Willie is at school. It will give you time to develop your own personality. I love that your favorite color doesn't have to be the same as your best-friend Willie's. Thanks for trying to obey. I know it is hard, but it leads to better consequences when we do. Know I love you.

Dear Willie

This next week you will be starting kindergarten. I am so excited for you to learn new things and meet and make new friends. I am excited for all the experiences you get to have. I know that you will have a lot of fun and enjoy it. There will be some times that are hard for you, as there are for all of us. You will probably struggle when you see other kids get picked on and be sad. I know you will always do the right thing and help the other kids feel better. I am always amazed at your wisdom. You are such a smart boy and you always try to do the right thing. You are a great example to your little brothers. They look up to you and I am so glad they do. Thanks for always being Mom's friend and reminding me to do the important things. I know you will do amazing things in your life. It is fun watching you grow and learn and develop a testimony. Know that I love you.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

How to make a 5-year-old happy

Willie and Sammy went mountain biking today. Okay, so Sammy went mountain "biking" on his coaster bike...I mean motorcycle.

Willie LOVED it! He thought it was so cool that he was out doing something that his daddy loves to do. He had his first couple of falls, but for the most part, just got back on the bike. Except when Dad got out the camera for some pictures. We rode up Green Canyon on the little trail and down on the fire road. He would have just ridden all the way home if we would have let him. Maybe next time we should put some better shoes on than his crocs.

Mapleton Moonlight Half

Emily, Lindsey and I ran my favorite half marathon last Friday night. It's great because it gives everyone a chance to win. You can start whenever you want, and the first to cross the finish line after midnight wins. No timing devices allowed. It is a nice laid-back atmosphere and there isn't that rush at the beginning with all the runners trying to get their spot. It takes place during a full moon and is a mostly downhill-ish course. You know what doesn't make for a great half marathon? cinnamon roll/cake breakfast, coke and potato chips second breakfast, lunch, and eating dinner at 2, as well as post-dinner-pre-race-meal at 5, then running at 9:30. Who would have thought... It was actually a very fun race and I didn't get too sick until the last 2 miles. Thanks Em and Linds for making me run this. Not to mention the sweet shirts we got. (Sorry whoever's picture this is. You are such great models of the shirt)

(No pictures...which shouldn't surprise you if you know me and/or my family)