Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Of Popcorn and Pennies

Pennies and popcorn. Two insignificant items, right? Not in the Tanner home. Who knew these two items could cost so much! When place in the wrong places, pennies can cost hundreds, and popcorn kernels can cost tens...
About two years ago, Willie decided to swallow a penny. Here is a look back.
Well, today his ear hurt. He couldn't lay on it, couldn't touch it. It was very sensitive. So we took him to the doctor, expecting some amoxocillan (sp?) for an ear infection. While waiting for the doc, I thought maybe he had put something in his ear, since they are not usually this sensitive during an infection. I looked in his ear and I could see something. We ask Will: Did you put something in your ear? His answer, very matter-of-factly, "Yes, a hard popcorn." A popcorn kernel was stuck in his ear. After about 5 minutes (OK, probably like 2) of screaming, the doctor got it out and all is well. I kept telling him while he was screaming, and while both Daddy and I we holding him down, "you're o.k." He would scream "I. AM. NOT. O.K.!" Little stinker.
We are just waiting for what he sticks up his nose...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Things I am grateful for...

A good husband/father who will help me out-even when I have ideas that he is not so excited about- and who spends lots of time with the boys.  (we are making Grandma and Grandpa Christmas presents.)
Good brothers, who I can tell already are going to feed off of each other...for good or for bad.  Sammy loves Willie and whatever Willie does, it make Sammy laugh, from tooting in the bathroom to playing peek-a-boo, Sammy loves his older brother!
A play room, for several reasons.  One is entirely selfish, the toys aren't scattered around the whole house!  Another reason is when I am playing with Will in the play room, I can't be cleaning, cooking, or anything else but playing with him!
No, not laundry, but for Grandma's that come and watch the kids and have lots of fun with them.  They love their grandmas!

Yes, I am grateful for Zebra cakes.  They are what has finally motivated Will to poop in the potty...We haven't had a poopy diaper/unders for several days.  And now that I've jinxed the whole thing...

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Family Pics

Sara took some pictures for us over Christmas break.  Here is a small sampling...more to come later.  Thanks Sara!