Saturday, October 5, 2013

Nice Surprise

The kids were out of school on Friday.  I wasn't.  I still had to go to work.  I was bummed I didn't get a nice long weekend like them and I didn't get to hang out with my kids all day.  I got home from work and Willie was so excited to tell me to look into the dishwasher.  I looked in and he had put all the dishes away.  Then he took me into my room and asked me what happened to the piles of laundry that were in there.  He had sorted all the laundry.  Then he told me there was a spider under my pillow and I should check to kill it.  So I looked under my pillow and Willie and Sam had drawn several pictures for me.  What nice boys!  And apparently, Reed didn't say anything to them.  It was all done on their own.  It was so nice!  What sweet boys.  I am sure a lucky mommy.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Campus Bike Ride

Today we took a few hours and biked to and around campus.  It is one of our kids favorite things to do.  Today I got to lighten the load a little and only pull Abigail.  Mikey rode the whole way and back.  He did great.  Now if he would only learn how to brake.

Sorry about my super loud voice!

It was Sammy's turn to fall into the fountain today.  Will had a turn a year or two ago.

And what better way to end the ride than with some ice cream from Aggie Ice Cream!


We found this huge watermelon in our garden today.  We were so excited to sit outside and eat it...

Such a let down...

I love Sammy's disgusted face in all of these pictures.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

McNugget vs. Watermelon

Warning:  Edge kids of Pullman-  Do not read!

I was told I should blog this story for posterity's sake.  So here goes.

We have 3 hens that we have had for several years.  One of which is McNugget.  McNugget comes from a friend who decided she probably shouldn't have chickens after two were eaten by their dogs.  Needless to say, McNugget has always been kind of a stinker.  She only lays eggs very rarely and she just likes to sit on the eggs the other hens lay.

Our dear sister-in-law gave us three of their hens that they raised this spring.  They are Watermelon, Marshmallow (aka golden) and Gurdie.  They are all just about to start laying eggs, and we have had a couple of eggs already.

McNugget is kind of a bully.  She picked out poor Watermelon (I don't know why her, maybe because they are similar color?  That's the only thing I can come up with) and would chase her and peck at her.  I thought this was normal, that the older hens would pick on the newer ones.  Well, McNugget took this to an extreme.  One afternoon while we were having a barbecue with several friends, a couple kids came in and Willie told me that Watermelon's head was bleeding all over.  I go out there, and it looks like McNugget has gotten hold of that thingy on top of their heads and torn it off, along with a big chunk of the poor hens scalp.  Watermelon is still walking around, pecking, and seems to be fine, despite missing half of her scalp.

I told Reed and he wanted to get rid of McNugget right then.  Even though we had 16 kiddos running around the yard and house.  Reed went out back with his gloves on and plastic sack in hand.  McNugget was sitting in the coop, so Reed reached in and snapped her neck.  He then put her in the plastic bag, and put the bag in the big garbage can.  This all worked out great.  No kids saw what happened, the bully chicken problem was no more...

About ten minutes later, our friend was in the kitchen and let us know that a chicken was loose in our front yard.  McNugget was out running in the front yard.  This means that she got out of the plastic sack and out of the garbage can.  Reed came back and got his glove and said he was going to name the hen "Resurrection."  He went out to get McNugget, but she bee-lined it into the neighbors yard.  We couldn't find her, and haven't seen her since.

Now, one thing about hens that I have noticed, is they like to play dead.  Like when McNugget would chase Watermelon, I thought Watermelon had died, but she just lays there and doesn't move.  I think that's what McNugget did and she played dead until she could get away.

So here we are three days later with a scalped chicken that doesn't know she is missing half her head, and a MIA hen that maybe a kind neighbor took in.  The best part is that every time I look outside I expect to see McNugget.

First Day of School

Willie (who, by the way, asked his teacher last year not to call him Willie.  He says it sounds too girlie.  He said it's OK for me to still call him Willie though.  Now I love yelling 'Willie' at his sporting events and getting dirty looks from him) started 2nd grade today.  He started the Dual Immersion program today.  Just about all I could get out of him is that he likes the English part of his day much better than the Portuguese part.  Pretty sure I would like the English part better too.  His Portuguese teacher is supposed to be pretty good though.  I'm sure it will get better, right?  He was in such a hurry to get to class this morning, we didn't get a picture of him.  Darn it.

Sammy started Kindergarten.  He has super focused to get there on time and kept leaving me to get to class.  Once he got in class though, his nerves started to get to him and he wasn't so sure.  He did pretty darn good though.  I could just tell he was a little nervous about us leaving him.  I asked after school how it went.  He said it went well.  I kept trying to ask him about things they did and he would just tell me "nothing."  "So you just sat on your bums all day?"  "Yup."  Such a boy.  I want details!

 Last year, when Will started first grade, when he got home, we had made a big cookie for him (and his brothers of course),  So this year, he asked again for the big cookie.  So I guess a tradition has started that kiddos get a welcome home from a 12" cookie with their name on it.  They are excited about eating the whole thing, but when it comes down to it, I don't think any of them even ate half of their cookie today, but they are excited about finishing it tomorrow.  I guess I don't have to make breakfast, right?

Mikey did pretty well being home with out his big brothers.  I actually think he will enjoy this time with just his dad or grandma while Sammy and Willie are gone.  I think he will like being the "big" brother to his Abby.

And just for fun, a picture of Abs. (or two)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sammy and School

My Sammy starts Kindergarten tomorrow.  I have all these mixed emotions.  He is such a softie, but you wouldn't guess it.  He is very shy and self-conscious.  Both are things that hopefully we can "work on" this year.  I don't know that being shy is a bad thing, but hopefully he can make friends ok.  We went to back to school night tonight, and he hid behind my legs the whole time and wouldn't go say hi to his teacher or any other kids.  We never had this with Will.  He is so different.  Will is very outgoing and not afraid to make a fool of himself.  I mean, take a look at any of his pictures.  He is making a fool of himself all the time!  I'm sure Sammy will do well in school.  I'm sad he's not my little Sammy anymore.  He is such a sweetie.

He got in a little bike accident a few days ago, so he gets to start kindergarten with a few stitches.  Maybe that will be something to help break the ice with the other kids, right?  Nothing like a good story (or several, with his scars!)

Love you Sammy!

Thursday, August 15, 2013


Today after Will's school "camp" he came home and wanted to get down his Wilbur box.  His Wilbur box is a huge box filled with crafting supplies.  (Thanks Grandma!)  I was in the kitchen making dinner when I hear him say, "Oh, the smell of crafting." 
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