Friday, January 26, 2007

Best Binky

Here is the best binky-ing head in the whole world! Just look at that fuzz! (But, according to Jamison, it just isn't quite right unless it is your own kid.)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Old Warrior

So today Reed and I went to rent a movie at Hollywood. We go to the checkout line and we rent the movie. The person working there informs us that we have a late fee and we can either pay half or the full thing. What do I say? I say, pay half each time, then we won't ever have to pay the full thing! They (Reed and the Hollywood employee) both look at me. Reed kind of looks at me like, what? And the employee just gives me a blank look. I try to explain myself, "So if we pay half today, and half next time, then half of that, etc..., then we will never pay the full thing." Still, blank looks from the employee. I start thinking about IQ, and taking half the distance, then half of that, etc... Later that afternoon, I was out for a jog and I started laughing at myself becuase Old Warrior would always say things like that to the checker at the grocery store. For example, if the total came up to $14.00, he'd say, "Do I get a discount because it came out even?" Blank stares. The funny part is, if they gave him a discount, then it wouldn't be even, right? Another favorite, which some stores have corrected, it "10 items or fewer." Old Warrior loved to make comments about that one, but as the checkers weren't so bright, all he would get is a blank stare, then a polite chuckle. Yes, I must be related to Old Warrior...

Sunday, January 14, 2007

In response to oatmuchers blog, I went back and looked through pictures for Will's deficiencies. He has many more, but they just haven't been documented. Also, lately, he has shown he does not have a mama's milk deficiency.

First, epidermis?
Another example of epidermis


Mountain Dew?





Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Mrs. Tanner: "We are going to learn how to graph today using the slope-intercept form. First, we need to remember which axis is the y-axis. Is it the vertical or horizontical axis?"