Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Limiting factor

I took the kids on an "easy" hike today.  Hikes usually consist of me prodding the children along as they look at every rock and bug and flower. I told Reed once that I should enjoy it, because one day they will be running ahead and dragging me along. Well, that day came. We hiked up Richards
Hollow to a waterfall and it was a beautiful day. This was my view:

I thought I had a few more years before I was the limiting factor.  Oh well.

I love taking the kids up into the mountains.  Even when I have to drag them there and they are not happy to be there, when they get up away from everything and using their bodies, their attitude changes.  Everyone is usually happy to go, but this time Mikey was mad because we didn't do the "beaver trail."  (Temple Sawmill trail- there are several beaver dams along that hike.) But after a little pouting and moaning, he had a great time.

Lunch at the waterfall.  Look at those cute dirty feet.  Everyone said it was only a mile to the waterfall.  It felt like 3.

You can't tell, but Abbie was super nervous to be up on this rock

The "throne" on the way up 

This was at the beginning, they wanted a picture on the rock.  Except Mikey, he was still pouting.

This is Will's pet moth "Night Flight." Which is an  ironic name, since it had deformed wings and never flew.  The boys tried to take care of it for several days and they loved playing with it.  They would let it crawl all over their bodies.  Ewww.  Will brought him along for the hike, where, eventually, poor little Night Flight passed on.  Will asked me to print this picture so he could always have it.

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