Sunday, June 21, 2015


May 20, 2015

On May 19, it was my 6 weeks and I didn't have to use my crutches anymore...Well, at least I could put some weight on my foot, but after 6 weeks of non-weight, I still needed my crutches a little.  To celebrate, We took the kids to Lagoon.  Actually, it was my schools Lagoon Day, so I brought along the kids and the Reedo.  

This seemingly happy picture was before we went on one of the kids favorite rides.  It's some octopus thing and you can control going up and down and water can spray you, depending on where you are.  Well, Reed was so nice and let me in first "so he could help me." Actually, it was so I was on the inside and he could get me soaking wet.  See his face?  It's a scheeming face, he's so excited to get me wet, and believe me, he did.  

Will seems happy now, but you should have seen his face while going on the roller coaster.  This is on the white roller coaster that's not really white anymore.  He was pretty scared-but in a good way, right?
The kids started off the day by getting soaked in the fountain.

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