Sunday, June 21, 2015


April, 2015
After a fun spring break, I got to come home to knee surgery.  I had to get a "high tibial osteotomy." The surgery went well.  6 weeks non-weight taught me how impatient I am.  Good thing I have good kids and a good husband to make up for it.  Also, wonderful neighbors who fed us for a couple of weeks, even though we insisted we were fine.  Before the surgery I had a couple blessings, and in the blessings I was told that my knee would heal fast.  I was hoping that meant I could get off the crutches faster, but I still had to be on them for 6 weeks.  I will say that since I have been off the crutches, my knee has been healing great, and faster than I thought it would.  It is definitely not 100% yet, but I can bike and swim without pain.  Also without much strength, but at least that will come.  Another thing that was in one of the blessings is that I would be able to learn things I haven't yet had the chance to.  Being injured and dependent on those around you will teach you lessons; especially when you are an independent (and prideful) person.  I don't know how well I learned these lessons though!  

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