Sunday, June 21, 2015


May 2015
One of the hardest things with my knee surgery was not being able to exercise.  It was really hard after a month or two.  I remember one morning I got up and was going to ride the spin bike (thanks Dad) one legged, propping my bad leg up on a bucket.  I got up too late to do it while kids were sleeping.  It was really hard to get up early because I couldn't sleep well.  You know, elevating the leg while in a brace and icing, not real comfortable.  Anyway, I just wanted to bike for like 20 minutes, but the kids were all fighting and fighting and ornery, which just made me more onery too.  Finally a light buld hit and I made them exercise with me.  We did 15 1 minute intervals.  At first I told them which exercises to do, then I let them choose.  It's amazing the difference before and after exercising.  There was no more fighting and we were all happier after getting a good dose of endorphins.  This is why when Will, Sam, or Mike are fighting or have a little attitude, I make them go run a lap.  They always leave rolling their eyes, but they come back much happier and with a much better attitude.
Here we have Will doing sit-ups, Sam doing mountain climbers, and the littles doing...maybe up-downs or running in place...not sure.

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